Hair Color for Gray Eyes

Hair Color for Gray Eyes1

Today we’ll tell you about what is better to pick a hair color for gray eyes. First of all, we note that the gray eye women are very lucky, because this color is very rare and extremely beautiful!

Hair Color for Gray Eyes
In order to choose the right hair color that will be harmonious, you need to focus not only on the color of the eyes, but even more on overall appearance, which is composed of natural hair color, eye color and skin tone.

Hair Color for Gray Eyes3

Gray-eyed girls tend to go many hair colors. But here offer you to build on existing rules. Gray-eyed girls suit all kind of hair color, as follows: golden blond, reddish-brown shades, nutty tones, all shades of chocolate. Just do not overdo it with a dark color, do not use black.

Hair Color for Gray Eyes4

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