Can shampoo cause hair loss?

Yes! Certain shampoos that contain strong chemicals can cause normal to excessive hair loss in men, women and children. It’s often the case that some shampoos does not suit your scalp and causes certain reaction that may not be detected directly but when the shampoo is used for a longer period, one can observe hair loss it may cause.

One of the best way to determine if the shampoo you have been using is causing hair loss is by looking at the amount of hair that falls while applying the shampoo and when you rub your hair with a towel after head bath.

shampoo cause hair loss

shampoo-cause hair loss

Tips to avoid hair loss caused by shampoo.

1. Use a herbal shampoo as far as possible. There are many brands of herbal shampoos available in the market. Pick the one which does not contain any chemicals and in case you can’t find one, choose something that has the least number of chemicals.

2. While applying shampoo to your hair, do not apply a lot of pressure. Apply the shampoo gently and rinse with your fingers for only a few minutes. When washing, make sure that the shampoo is completely gone from your hair.

3. Do not comb your hair immediately after you take head bath. First rub your head gently with a towel and wait for at least 5 minutes. Then gently style your hair with a comb that has wider teeth.

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